How To Deal With Swollen Feet During Pregnancy

Experiencing condition when swollen feet during pregnancy is a very reasonable thing and normally experienced by all pregnant women especially when gestational age is getting older. Usually not only the leg, swelling that occurs on the face too often experienced by all pregnant women. The swelling that occurs is very disturbing. So that's why most of them do a variety of ways to overcome them. But before we discuss about how to cope with swollen feet would be nice if we know in advance what the cause of the swelling. The cause of the swelling itself of various kinds, but generally caused when a pregnant woman will experience hormonal changes. Well from the release of hormones that can be one of the causes leg swelling in pregnant women. While the release of hormones that trigger because retain fluid and sodium in the body.
If at the beginning of the explanation states that the swelling in the feet is normal and reasonable. You can not calm enough, due to the swelling that occurs can also be caused due to an illness suffered by pregnant women. Among them are diabetes, kidney, heart, liver, and many others. those are some things that can cause leg swelling. Swelling usually accompanied by symptoms such as vomiting, dizziness, pain in the upper abdomen, until there impaired vision. Already curious to know how to cope with the swelling? Immediately, note the following review!
Here's How to Overcome Foot Swelling During Pregnancy
Never Too Old Stand
First tip is to try to expectant mothers are not too many and long standing. This is because for too long standing apart can make the legs become swollen pregnant women can also lead to rapid fatigue. Swelling in the legs during pregnancy can occur because the trigger is where the heart would be easy to pump blood to the legs. But Will be Very Difficult Attractive Blood Again Due To Heart Blood Vessels Heart Behind This time tergenjet By Si newborn baby or fetus Your Children. Hence Make sure your photo Lama Lama In Standing Position While Pregnant Tua.
When deemed swelling of the legs are getting, then what steps you should do is stretch. By way of sitting and doing movements directed at the ankle. Do it this way slowly, then with swollen feet so slowly you will be lost.
Enough rest
It is equally important to address swollen feet during pregnancy is doing enough rest. Due to memilii a good rest then it will make the body more relaxed and avoid swelling. Rest do not have to sleep, but could sit with his feet above the waist and it can make blood flow more smoothly.
Now that's some explanation on how to cope with swollen feet when understood. Knowing the causes of swollen feet during pregnancy is important to determine whether the cause is normal or a sign of a dangerous disease. Check the condition of your pregnancy on a regular basis will help you avoid complications from unwanted diseases. Immediately to the doctor when you encounter one of the symptoms of preeclampsia or eclampsia above. When the swollen feet during pregnancy occurs due to an abnormal response, then you can try the way - way above simple to overcome or prevent a severe leg swelling. Hopefully this article useful to the health of your pregnancy.
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