Dangers of Eating Too Many Eggs For Health

The eggs are foods that have a high source of protein, so it's normal if the egg is very beneficial for health. Are you one of those people who like to eat eggs? For people who like the eggs, usually often used as a meal while eating breakfast. Because eggs are potent to delay hunger because good nutrient content in it. Eggs can be processed in many different variants of cuisines, such as can be boiled, fried or process into other types of food.
Eggs have some kind of nutrients in it are certainly very beneficial to health. According to a study in one egg can produce some of the content that is very useful for the health. So what are the contents existing content in the egg? Eggs contain vitamin A, vitamin B, C, Fat, Protein, Choline, Iron and Potassium. In one grain intact eggs contained more than 90%, calcium and iron in the yolk part. one egg contains about 6 grams of protein and 9 essential amino acids. In addition to iron, eggs are also rich in zinc which is essential for the immune system as well as the mineral phosphorus are good for maintaining healthy bones and teeth. In an egg there were 70 to 85 calories. So do not be surprised if you consume eggs make us feel full sooner. But even then if you eat too often, these habits will become a nightmare to the health condition of your body. So what are the consequences of frequent eating eggs? Immediately, note the following review!
This is too often Dangers of Consuming Eggs For Body Health
Cholesterol causes
If you are one who has a habit of eating eggs can cause a variety of health problems in your body. One of them can lead to high cholesterol. For those of you who have high cholesterol levels are at risk of developing the disease is very mild stroke. This is because in one egg contains 200 mg of fat. of fat that block blood flow and block the smooth running of oxygen in the blood.
Make Hormones Being Unbalanced
Eating too many eggs it can cause hormone production becomes unstable. Usually the condition is often experienced by women, when hormone in unstable conditions that make the mood becomes less good. So if you're a fan of eating eggs, should to be able to compensate by eating fruits and vegetables. It is like you so do not worry about instability hormone when eating eggs every day.
Risk of Diabetes
The fat content contained in eggs is not only can cause high cholesterol, but may also be at risk for developing diabetes. Especially for a man who eat eggs every day 55% risk of developing diabetes. While the for women was 77% due to the intake of eggs every day is excessive.
Heart disease
As described previously, excessive consumption of eggs may increase cholesterol levels in the blood. High levels of cholesterol in the body can trigger heart problems. Excessive amount of cholesterol will cause the accumulation of cholesterol in the arteries, causing narrowing of the arteries. The condition is getting worse and if not treated can cause strain on the heart, one of them a coronary heart attack.
Many explanations about the dangers of excessive eating eggs for health that you can know.
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